Deti Picasso


The Budapest based Armenian band Deti Picasso plays an unusual sort of music – head-spinning and sharp, with strong ethnic roots, psychodelia and hypnotic energy. They interprete ancient Armenian chants with incredibly expressive female vocals, transparent guitar music and a soft harp sound. At the centre of the band is Gaya Arutyunyan – one of the most original singers of the Russian world music and rock scene. Gaya’s voice is not operatic, smooth, or even attractive. It is jagged, nervous, and urgent.

As a result of their domestic success, they were invited to play the biggest festivals and clubs in France, Portugal, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Finland, Estonia and the Czech Republic. Among the most important are Festival Musicas do Mundo in , Sziget festival in , Rock for People and Na jednom brehu festivals in the Czech Rep., Fete de la Musique in France, and more.They have collaborated repeatedly with Hungarian acid jazz band Masfel, Moldavian ethno punks Zdob si Zdub, American punk accordeonist Jason Webley, free jazz sax player Istvan Grencso and Alexander Hacke, the bass player of Einsturzende Neubauten.

The band was paused in 2011 to provide space for the Wattican Punk Ballet duo project formed by Gaya and Karen. In 2014 Deti Picasso has reunited with new members, harpist Anasztazia Razvaljajeva and drummer Aron Porteleki.

Current line-up:

Gaya Arutyunyan – voice

Karen Arutyunyan – guitar

Anasztázia Razvaljajeva – harp

Áron Porteleki – drums, viola


Gerda & Kay (2010)

Turbo Mayrik (2008)

Glubina (2006)

Ethnic Experiments (2004)

Mesyac ulibok (2002)